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lego copenhagen microscale

My new company website is online: Alllegro.dk.

Hi. I'm Ulrik Hansen. I'm a graphic designer, web designer, musician and independant LEGO® model designer. Feel free to contact me regarding any questions or opportunities.

Selected graphic design work:
• 'Krisen' & 'Europa' cover illustrations
• LUGMAG 'Byggebladet' • Mandalas • Board games • Comic books 'Illustreret danmarkshistorie for folket' • Comic book 'FTATATEETAH' • Comic Anthology 'Free Comics'

Selected LEGO® Designs:
• City of Copenhagen (picture)
• Freetown Christiania
• Little Computer People
• Hiroshima Peace Memorial
• Ungdomshuset, Jagtvej 69

For an in-depth look at my model design, please visit my Flickr gallery containing all my LEGO® models.
There will soon be a significant update to one of my models and also a seperate website for my brick venture.